Paul Wilton - Author & Managing Director Of Holiday Bookings Online Ltd

Firstly apologies for the rather basic web site! My background is a programmer ( now all web based ) and my web design skills leave a lot to be desired!

Time is also very, very short as writing books and being a managing director of a successful online booking software business is proving quite time consuming.

I'm hoping at some point to actually get someone to do a decent job of this site!

Accommodation Booking Software

Launched in 2005, Holiday Bookings Online Ltd is my latest venture. I'd been contacted about writing a booking system for a holiday cottage by two different companies and decided I might as well write an online booking system that was flexible enough to be used by lots and lots of accommodation providers. I currently offer the system as a hosted service designed for those wanting easy integration of a booking system in to their holiday property web site.

If you're a holiday property rentor and are looking for booking software for your self catering property go to

Please note the staff at Holiday Bookings Online Ltd won't be able to help with questions about my books - for info about the books check out and especially the Wrox Forums

Books I've Written

I've been writing books since 1999 - my first being a case study of a message board in two chapters for Professional Visual Basic. Due to time commitments I only write a book every 2 - 3 years now.

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Author Of
Beginning JavaScript 1st Edition By Paul WiltonIIS Monitoring Systems By Paul WiltonBeginning JavaScript 3rd Edition By Paul Wilton
Beginning SQL By Paul Wilton ASP.Net 2.0 Instant Results Beginning JavaScript 2nd Edition By Paul Wilton
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